Friday, September 4, 2009

The Purple of Life, scene 30


Andy writes at his desk. He takes a break and looks out the window. The black smoke from the fire is even closer.

He picks up his office phone and dials.
Hi, Diana? It’s Pastor Andy. I’m calling to see...are you alright, Diana? You sound strange.
(he listens)
I’m sorry to hear you aren’t feeling very well. Anything I can do? Bring you soup?
(he listens)
Okay, you just let me know. So, I was calling originally to confirm that you’d still be doing the flower arrangements for Mike and Isa’s wedding.
(he listens)
You will? Great. Okay, then...
Diana, I’ve got to be honest. I need to see you. Please meet me at that coffee shop off of Ontario. It’s important.
(he listens)
Thank you. I’ve got a meeting with the Deacons later, but I can definitely see you then.

Andy hangs up. He takes a minute then a big smile breaks out over his face.

Score! It’s a date!

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