Friday, August 14, 2009

The Purple of Life, scene 19


Andy drives down Diana’s street once more. He slows when he comes to her house. Her car is not in the driveway.

(to himself)
Where could she be?

He drives around the block. When he reaches her house, the car is still not there. He parks a few houses away, so that he’s got a good view of her house. He waits and watches.

(to himself)
What am I doing?

He looks over at the box of stuff he packed in preparation for the fire. He pulls out his bible, opens it and reads to himself.

He closes the bible, then closes his eyes. His lips slightly move - he’s praying.

The MOTOR of a car interrupts Andy’s quiet prayer. He opens his eyes and sees Diana’s car pull into her driveway.

Andy places the bible back into the box. As he does so, his hand touches his camera. He looks at the camera and picks it up.
He turns it on and focuses on Diana getting out of her car. he zooms in as far as he can and starts taking pictures of Diana - her face, her body, everything.

Diana goes inside. Andy brings the camera down. He replays the pictures he just took.

I love you.

He hears a dog BARK. He looks out and notices the old woman, once again out with her dog. He starts up his car and drives away.

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